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Dr Brenda Cassidy

Specialist Pain Management Physician and Anaesthetist

Consulting at:

Aware Women's Health

257 Melbourne St North Adelaide SA 5006 

P: 08 8361 7866

F: 08 8361 7929


Dr Brenda Cassidy

Dr Brenda Cassidy graduated from the University of Queensland in 1995 and worked at the Gold Coast Hospital before moving to Adelaide and first completing specialist training in Anaesthesia and then in her second specialty of Pain Medicine. She worked interstate gaining further experience as a Paediatric Anaesthetist and Pain Medicine Consultant, and since returning has worked as Senior Staff Specialist in Anaesthesia at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital and as a Pain Management Physician at the Royal Adelaide Hospital/Queen Elizabeth Hospital Pain Management Unit. 

Dr Cassidy consults privately in female and male pelvic pain management, breast and post-mastectomy pain, pain during pregnancy, paediatric pain, cancer pain, burns pain, rehabilitation after trauma and complex regional pain syndrome. She maintains interests in the effect of childhood pain experience on adult behaviour and function.


She has expertise in the clinical pharmacology of analgesics including initiation, maintenance and tapering of opioids and in the multidisciplinary approach to pain management by integrating medical care with surgery, physiotherapy and psychology within the practice.  Dr Cassidy is available to referrers for urgent advice however does not provide an emergency after hours service. Her focus for assisting patients is on living well with persistent pain rather than on acute care.


Dr Cassidy serves as an editor and reviewer for the publications Australasian Anaesthesia, and Anaesthesia and Intensive Care. 

She is mother to two active boys and plays hockey and sails on weekends. 

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