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Men and women with chronic pelvic pain are invited to attend one of the upcoming

Explain Pelvic Pain Online Seminars. They are designed to help patients and their families, partners and supporters, to understand more about the science of chronic pain, and how the power of the brain can be harnessed to assist recovery. Research tells us that people who UNDERSTAND their pain, RECOVER from their pain and move on with their lives.

Understanding Pelvic Pain Seminar

Online Seminar Coming Soon


The physiotherapy team at the Adelaide Pelvic Pain Network has been running “Understanding Pelvic Pain” seminars for a number of years. We know that understanding pain science helps people with pain to manage better. So these educational seminars have been designed to help people with pelvic pain understand how to get on better with their lives.


With Covid-19 putting restrictions on meeting face-to-face, we decided to move this education on-line to the Pelvic Pain Foundation of Australia website at That way everyone, anywhere, gets to benefit.






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