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Do men really have to self diagnose their persistent pelvic pain?

The pattern is so familiar. The pain starts insidiously after some event – maybe an infection (although tests may be negative) or peeing some blood.. Visits to the urologist, who checks out the prostate, the bladder, an MRI.. nothing to see, no infection, no STI but the pain continues. It actually gets worse when the urologist announces that there is nothing wrong and nothing more that he can do! Sure there is something wrong – it’s a pain condition, called chronic or persistent pelvic pain. It’s not cancer (what a relief) or a sexually transmitted infection (also relief) but it can greatly affect quality of life. If this is you then it’s time to open the mind to some fascinating concepts about chronic pain that will arm you with the weapons to fight it. Understanding this type of pain is essential in order to beat it. The pain is in the pelvis but be prepared to get your head around your brain and its role in your suffering. If you have backed yourself right into a corner because it hurts to have sex, have a pee, empty your bowels, sit down for while or exercise, then getting out of the corner and back into life is where we can help. There’s more to this than trigger points and medication (which is often what Dr Google will tell you to do). Understanding the mind-body connections and the potential to retrain your brain to move out of the world of pain and back into life is a journey that our team can help you with.

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